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    Exclamation Compiler Issue

    I am currently using the Borland compiler however I want some other opinion on wheather or not it is the best compiler in the industry or if I should get Visual C++ or any other compiler?

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    I don't feel that there is one true "Best Compiler". Where I work and in school I always had to jugle 2 to 3 diffrent types of compilers. If you are looking to get a compiler I would get what you are comfortable with.

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    From my experience MSVC 6 pro and enterprise editions are the most widely used compilers. Its also what I use.
    Personally I do not like either borland or msvc. Borland compilers have good debuggers.For personal use and not work use i'm going to take a look at code warrior.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    As far as I've experienced, MS Visual C++, Borland C++Builder and GCC are the most used compilers. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other. At this moment, for work and personally, I use GCC and it works great.

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    When i program at home i use borlands c++ builder - at university i am forced to ms vc++, i prefer borland by 100%. It is less cluttered and m$ vc++ seems a little over complicated. Though i do like the tools that come with vc++ like thread viewers and the m$ debugger is one of the best around.
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    Sadly, Borland does not support UNICODE. Or rather they support working with it, you just can't output or input data in UNICODE format, which renders all probably possible internal use worthless. And their support people flat out LIE about it.

    I evaluated various compilers for work, and found VC the only one able to do all jobs. While every other compiler makes it easier in one part or the other, VC rules them all in pure power.

    I heard a lot of positive things about Code Warrior though, probably worth having a look, too.

    Borland is great, makes a lot of things a lot easier. Choice of the industry ? They don't care that much for ease, they care for getting the job done. If that means UNICODE, and I suppose in this times it does, Borland is out.

    On the other hand side, americans have never been exceptionally good at adapting to external needs. If your bosses are thinking that being able to compile your program for various markets is crap, and all you need is an english interface... it might be Borland for your industry.

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