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    Question getline/substr command help

    Can anyone give me an example on the getline/subst commands?



    I need to read a file like this and read each line and pull parts of each line to store into an array. The first 3 letters for the member#, 2 letters for the doctor area code, 1 letter for the transaction date and 10 letters for the member name.

    I can do this with a character for separation , but how do you break apart a string with no spaces or other characters? Any help would be appreciated.


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    have you tried it by yourself??? I'll be you havent.

    Think about it.. if you know how many chars are for each thing, then you dont need a delimeter!!!

    char buffer[3+2+1+10+1+1]; // extra one for null char
    char memNum[4];
    char areaCode[3];
    char transDate;
    char name[11];
    cin.getline(buffer, sizeof(buffer));
    strncpy(memNum, buffer, 3); // get the first three characters
    memNum[3] = 0; // terminate the string
    strncpy(areaCode, buffer + 3, 2); // next 2 chars
    areaCode[2] = 0; // terminate the string
    transDate = buffer[5];
    strncpy(name, buffer + 6, 10); // the name
    name[10] = 0; // terminate the string
    I didn't compile this code.. but read and learn from it and try and make it work. i'm sure you'll figure it out...

    next time, try and do it yourself first!
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    Yes, I have tried numerous times to use these getline/substr commands. I will try your method and let you know the results. I appreciate your help.

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