Thread: live communication between 2 c++ programs

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    live communication between 2 c++ programs

    Hi, I am looking for a good, fast method for communication between two c++ programs. I am making a 3D mouse pointer and need to send the three coordinates to another program that presents them graphically. At the moment I am using a file, but opening and closing a little file up to 40 times per second cant be ideal...
    At the moment it looks like this:

    Code to send coordinates in Prog1:

    ofstream fout("c:\\xyz.txt");
    fout << x << " " << y << " " << z;
    fout << flush;
    (x, y, z are doubles)

    Code to recieve coordinates in Prog2:

    ifstream fin("c:\\xyz.txt");
           fin >> X >> Y >> Z;
    Any better ideas?
    My googling before finding this forum suggested me sockets or pipes, but I cant get it working. Any example is welcome!

    /Tomas B

    EDIT: I am using Windows XP and Visual Studio 2005
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    I'm not entirely sure but I believe you would use a socket library ify your intention is for two programs to communicate over a network.

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    no they are running at the same computer, thats why I didnt dig more into the sockets - because I realized it was supposed to be on different computers, but maybe it is possible to use sockets anyway?

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    yes it is

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    Scroll down to the end, then read about mailslots and pipes.
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    Is there any portable way to do this? Maybe its possible with boost?

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    You could also export the symbols from that program so that another pogram can read from it.

    Only problem is I am not entirely sure if a DLL has to be the link between the apps, or if you can do it app to app.

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