Thread: gcc/g++ linux-like environment in Windows without Dev-Cpp?

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    gcc/g++ linux-like environment in Windows without Dev-Cpp?


    I've been advancing a lot with my project now but there's something that's been bugging me a lot... I don't want to keep dual-booting between OSes just to make some tries, and virtualization programs aren't an option (even though I have the machine to handle about 2-3 VMs at the same time).

    Configuring Dev-Cpp for OpenGL+SDL is a pain, even more if all I want to make is a quick test... very time-consuming. And I'm not going to bother in making a template :/.

    So, I know Dev-Cpp uses the MINGW compiler... I went to the site and was like "WTF!!?" when I saw all the files to download... I'm confused: All I know is that the binary versions are the ones I have to download, but... how to configure/use? I don't want to use cygwin, but just to have MinGW natively here and go to the command line and type g++ and make and all that, just like in Linux.

    So, in short, anybody knows how to set up a MINGW environment in Windows so it works like in Linux, or, in other words, IDE-less?

    Thanks in advance!

    - DARKGuy

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    You can try the MinGW installer, and just select the packages you want. It is still experimental though.
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    Hey! thanks for the link, you helped tons!

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