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    Question error with Static Library code

    hi all,
    i'm learning the book "Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 days" , and i'm in Chapter 16 - Creating Your Own Classes and Modules . I did everything like it said but i've an error. This Static Library project has 2 classes , 1 class , called CLine , is added from other project and 1 class , called CModArt , is added in this project .
    So this is the code to creat new line in CModArt class :
    void CModArt::NewLine()
    	int lNumLines;
    	int lCurLine;
    	int nCurColor;
    	UINT nCurWidth;
    	CPoint pTo;
    	CPoint pFrom;
    	//Normalize the rectangle before determining the width and height
    	//Get the area width and height
    	int lWidth = m_rDrawArea.Width();
    	int lHeight = m_rDrawArea.Height();
    	//Determine number of parts to this squiggle
    	lNumLines = rand() % 100;
    	//Are there any part in squiggle
    	if (lNumLines > 0)
    		//Determine color
    		nCurColor = rand() % 8;
    		//Determine the pen width
    		nCurWidth = (rand() % 8) + 1;
    		//Determine the start point for the squiggle
    		pFrom.x = (rand() % lWidth) + m_rDrawArea.left;
    		pFrom.y = (rand() % lHeight) +;
    		//Loop through number of sequents
    		for (lCurLine=0; lCurLine<lNumLines; lCurLine++)
    			pTo.x = ((rand() % 20) - 10) + pFrom.x;
    			pTo.y = ((rand() % 20) - 10) + pFrom.y;
    			//Creat a new line
    			//CLine *pLine = new CLine(pFrom, pTo, nCurWidth, m_crColors[nCurColor]);
    			CLine *pLine = new CLine(pFrom, pTo, m_crColors[nCurColor]);
    				//try to add new line
    			//Check did we run into memory exception
    			catch (CMemoryException *perr)
    				//Notice user the message
    				AfxMessageBox("Out of memory", MB_ICONSTOP | MB_OK);
    				//Did we creat a new line
    				if (pLine)
    					delete pLine;
    					pLine = NULL;
    				//Delete the exception
    			//Set the starting point to the end point;
    			pFrom = pTo;
    and this is the error :
    ...\ModArt.cpp(82) : error C2065: 'CLine' : undeclared identifier
    and this is the 82 line :
    CLine *pLine = new CLine(pFrom, pTo, m_crColors[nCurColor]);
    Thanx 4 all ur helps!

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    > ...\ModArt.cpp(82) : error C2065: 'CLine' : undeclared identifier
    Do you have a header file for the CLine class? It sounds like you need to:
    #include "cline.h"
    at the top of ModArt.cpp. Or if you don't have a header for CLine, I guess you'd have to include cline.cpp.

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    oh , i fixed this bug but i dont understand why . Because before that , I already have include "cline.h" in ModArt.cpp . But now when i also include "cline.h" in ModArt.h , it work gud?
    so wat prob here cus i think i just need to include "cline.h" in ModArt.cpp , no need in ModArt.h ?

    thanx 4 all ur helps!

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