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    multiproject approach


    So I'm working on solution that has 2 projects (2 applications).
    A few source files are being used by both applications.
    One file is almost identical, except a few lines should be changed (boost::shared_from_this() instead of this; )

    for instance:

    for project 1 I need:
    return this;
    project 2 needs:
    return shared_from_this();
    Is this the right approach to put macro in front of this like:
    return this;
    return shared_from_this();
    Is this the right way to solve that kind of problems?
    I havent faced with anything similar so far..

    If so, where should I #define IS_MACRO_RETURN_THIS ? On top of main .cpp file?
    If not, what would be the right way?

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    It sounds like potential maintenance trouble to me. Wouldn't it be better to factor out the common code, and then implement for each project using that common base?
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    you can define it in the project properties
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