Thread: assignment help C++ intermediate/advance

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    assignment help C++ intermediate/advance

    Can anyone test my assignment for me, it got many files but only 2 main .cpp class need changes, 1 class is 90% done and another class is, 20% done, its about STL vector/map. Anyone willing urgently right now, send me private msg with your messenger contacts, alright. thanks all.

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    Name your price. The minimum is just 99 USD per file, though a higher amount commands more accurate results.

    Alternatively, test your code yourself, then ask for help concerning specific portions of your code.
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    Asking people to do stuff like that can be risky. A certain person I used to know was asked to check over sombody elses code, he agreed, but when the file was sent to him and he ran it, it tuned out the file he was send corrupted his operating system.

    I am not saying the OP's code is somthing like that, but I would rather see snippetts of the code posted first, before any assumpsion is made to that scale. How do you think mallicious software spreads? Being a causious person is the first step to being a sesible person.

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