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    vector and pointer - quickie

    Quick noob Q:

    This is how i get a draught for P1 and store it under d1 :

     Draught * d1 = player1->getDraught(i);
    Now once its gone through my checks i want to store it in my vector - the number of the draught that is, but i get errors saying :

    1: Cannot convert 'Draught *' to 'int' in function
    2: Error E2342 Game.cpp 231: Type mismatch in parameter 'x' (wanted 'const int &',
    got 'Draught *') in function Game::move(Square *,Draught *)


    i kno i ve made a noob mistake... any help??

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    I say that your vector is a vector<int>, but you treat it like a vector<Draught*>. Maybe this? I don't know how your Draught works.

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    Looks like you are trying to store a Draught* in a vector<int>, so there is a type mismatch.
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