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    Reading File Names

    Hi, how do you read all of the file names that are in a folder? I'll also want to save all the names as a list in a text document, but I already know how to create files I just need to know how to read all of their names.

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    For Windows you would use the FindNextFile() function.

    FindNextFile() MSDN

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    Googling around shows that you could do something like this via system():

    For Windows/DOS:

    system("dir directory >> files.txt ");
    I believe for *nix systems, the following should work:

    system("ls directory >> files.txt ");
    directory would have to be replaced with whatever directory you want to search through. After executing this, the output of the command (including the file list) would be placed inside a file named files.txt.

    Otherwise, I believe you would have to find the O/S specific system calls to get the information you want, such as what Sentral posted.

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    Does boost have any portable libary for that kind of purpuse?

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    You can also read our FAQ entry about reading all the files within a directory.

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