Thread: Unsupported Unicode ADDRINFO stuff

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    Unsupported Unicode ADDRINFO stuff

    I have a little compatibility problem with MINGW that I'd like to resolve. I am trying to resolve a hostname, and am using the getaddrinfo/freeaddrinfo family of functions. In the Platform SDK, it has a big family of declarations that include a ANSI/Unicode 'aliii' (aliases) for:

    GetAddrInfo: getaddrinfo/GetAddrInfoW
    FreeAddrInfo: freeaddrinfo/FreeAddrInfoW
    ADDRINFOT: addrinfo/addrinfoW

    However, MINGW only defines ANSI versions. So, I try to compile an application under the mingw system, and it fails saying ADDRINFOT is undefined. I use the PSDK ws2tcpip.h, and I get errors regarding some inline asm that doesn't work with g++, and realize that it doesn't matter because the libraries wouldn't work.

    So, purely for fun, I try to add the declarations in the MINGW header, and then just get linker errors for GetAddrInfoW/FreeAddrInfoW. Surely, the ws2_32 dll is a system one that implements both the ANSI and Unicode functions. Are they just unsupported in other ways? There aren't way's to add entries to the mingw import libraries are there?

    Is there a feasable workaround for this issue?

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    You can explicity link the DLL without using an import library at all. The import library hides many DLL implementation issues behind the scenes, but there's no reason you can't do them manually.

    There are a lot of examples on the web of code that loads a DLL like this, as it's a problem that can come up in many areas. For example, when designing a program that allows plugins, you can't link to an import library for a DLL that doesn't exist yet. Further, if you use an import library and the DLL fails to load, there is no chance to gracefully recover, as your main program hasn't even started yet.

    Here's the MSDN overview of explicit linking:
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    Okay so, since this is a ws2_32 function, should I just make all of my winsock use explicit and use GetProcAddress? That seems a little over the top to me. And my only solution seems like I would just make an import table somewhat like the PE loader does for me. This sounds awkward. Is it really what I want to do? Can I LoadLibrary a DLL that is already loaded?

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