Thread: String problems - strings seem to join?

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    String problems - strings seem to join?

    I'm having some trouble to do with strings, with a function I've written.

    First, at the top of the program, outside of main, I've declared the following global strings, to hold the time, and the date:

    char Date[11];
    char Time[9];
    The variables are given data during this function:

    /* Load time */
    /* Loads the time and date settings into the global Time and Date variables */
    int LoadTime()
    	cout << "Loading time and date...\n";
    	time_t TimeObject;
    	tm * TimePointer;
    	TimePointer = gmtime(&TimeObject);
    	char Symbols[3] = "-:\0";
    	string MyTimeString = asctime(TimePointer);
    	Date[0] = MyTimeString[8];
    	Date[1] = MyTimeString[9];
    	Date[2] = Symbols[0];
    	Date[3] = MyTimeString[4];
    	Date[4] = MyTimeString[5];
    	Date[5] = MyTimeString[6];
    	Date[6] = Symbols[0];
    	Date[7] = MyTimeString[20];
    	Date[8] = MyTimeString[21];
    	Date[9] = MyTimeString[22];
    	Date[10] = MyTimeString[23];
    	Date[11] = Symbols[2];
    	Time[0] = MyTimeString[11];
    	Time[1] = MyTimeString[12];
    	Time[2] = MyTimeString[13];
    	Time[3] = MyTimeString[14];
    	Time[4] = MyTimeString[15];
    	Time[5] = MyTimeString[16];
    	Time[6] = MyTimeString[17];
    	Time[7] = MyTimeString[18];
    	Time[8] = MyTimeString[19];
    	Time[9] = Symbols[2];
    	cout << Date << "\n";
    	return 0;
    The problem is, when Date is printed onto the console, the contents of time also appear after date too! I thought that the string should have been terminated by the \0 escape code.

    Does any kind people have some insight into this strange behaivour?

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    You didn't actually provide space for the '\0' terminator. Date contains space for 11 characters (indices 0-10), but you assign to the twelth (index 11).

    As it happens on your platform, Date and Time are directly adjacent in memory, so Time[0] is the same memory location as (the invalid) Date[11]. In other words, the assignment to Time[0] overwrites the terminator you gave Date.
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    Ah, excelent! Such a simple problem, sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to spot these sort of things. Thankyou so much.

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