Thread: WinSock questions.

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    WinSock questions.

    I have been searching all over the internet for some good information on how to program winSock. I am very new to the C++ language and would like to get my program to access the internet. From what I have seen winsock is the way to go unless anyone knows of any good API's that have a great tutorial so I can learn them. I would appreciate any good links or help in finding tutorials.



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    Are there C++ class libraries for Winsock? There are. A good resource is Winsock Development Tools . Visual C++ has included libraries since version 2.1. Borland C++ has them in version 5.0. For OWL users, there is a class called OWLSock. Many books also develop socket libraries.
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    Hey, this tutorial looks promising:

    I also read that wxWidgets has network programming capabilities(wxSockets), but I can't find any tutorials online. The wxWidgets book does have a chapter on it though.

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