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    File IO / help please

    I am making a little program that encodes text files, but I have a small problem.

    The text file has this text: test line
    My program output text: testlline
    (there is no encodeing going on yet)

    It replaces the spaces with the char infront of it.

    here is my code:

    // Read Char //
    cfile >> char_buffer;

    // Encode Char //
    int_buffer = int(char_buffer);

    // Write Char
    char_out = char(int_buffer);

    cfile << char_out;


    I am trying to leave the spaces as spaces, or even better, encode them too. Is my program skipping the spaces because of the code: cfile >> char_buffer; ?? if so, what way can I input text from a file?

    thanks alot!

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    you might want to use the function member function 'get(char *, int)', (or since you seem to be inputting a single character at a time, 'get(char &ch)') to read in data.

    // Read Char // 
    // Encode Char // 
    int_buffer = int(char_buffer);  //casting isnt necessary here, char_buffer += -1, or simply char_buffer-- will suffice
    // Write Char 
    char_out = char(int_buffer); 
    cfile << char_buffer;
    might I suggest you read in a few more char's than just one at a time, like say 1000 (or more, depending on file size), and encoding the whole buffer, it will go much quicker

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