Thread: how to execute a c++ prog in a c compiler

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    Spot on Nodveidt, most reports I read stated that about MS. But I used MSVC++6.0 in college and thought it was an ok peice of software. Although now I use over it, I don't feel I need to use it again. Wait untill version 10 comes out, ( MSVC++2006 ) that should be somthing special
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee
    Although C and C++ are very similar, still asking a C compiler to compile C++-specific code is, in the end, like asking a Fortran compiler to compile Haskell: completely absurd.
    Well, writing a program in Haskell in general is absurd (I hate Haskell)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hussain Hani
    take this as a rule :
    Any C++ compiler can compile both C++ and C codes

    Any C compiler can only compile C code
    Actually, that's not true.

    Firstly, C++ requires explicit casting in some cases where C does not (example: casting from void pointer), so you'll get compile errors until you explicitly cast.

    Secondly, C++ is a superset of C89, not C99. None of the changes made to the C language in the 1999 revision will be found in C++. For example, the following is valid C:
    int x = 22;
    int vec[x];
    double vec2[6] = {[1]=1.0,[5]=3.0};
    int * restrict ptr = vec;
    yet only the first line will compile in C++.
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    That is pretty fancy C voodoo type stuff... I could see that being handy in C++ Then again most times when I would use it, I could just use a vector or other container.

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