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    Question Problems using ostringstreams

    Well I've been trying to get a code to loop a customer ID number, where it adds one each loop. I then wanted this number to become the title of a .txt that would display the customer or user's transaction.
    My problem is that the string won't become flushed, and it just keeps compounding the next loops id and ".txt" making the first file name 1.txt and the second 1.txt2.txt . A simple ID.flush(); doesn't seem to do the trick, what am i missing??

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    You could declare the ostringstream inside the loop, which is generally good practice anyway (declare variables as locally as possible unless you have a specific reason not to).

    Otherwise, use str("") to empty the stream contents before starting the next iteration of the loop.

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    Your first solution works beautifully.
    Thanks alot!

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