Thread: use of a class - get random nos - "playback" a given particular random sequence

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    Unhappy use of a class - get random nos - "playback" a given particular random sequence

    I am very new to this & don't understand -- basic explanation will be helpful..

    The class should be capable of playing back the random numbers given a particular sequence.. so a seed is needed but how do you write the code so it remembers/keeps track of that seed & the rand nos w/ an instance of the class.

    I'm sooo confused.

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    Have the constructor or a member function take a seed, and another function to generate a certain amount of numbers based on this seed. When you want to replay the numbers, re-seed using the member function and then call the function to generate the numbers again.

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    don't quite get what u r asking. U could always use an array to record the results and have the user input the seed.

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    i'm a real newbie so pardon me if i confuse anyone..
    but basically my class ARandom have these c'tors:

    ARandom::set seed(unsigned seed)
    theseed = seed;


    unsigned ARandom::get seed(void)
    return theseed;

    Now i dunno how & where to get the Random number & what my main function will say..

    thanks for any help.

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