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    Right! Linux users will demand open-source OGG support!

    But, you did say "commercial program." Nobody is going to pay for an audio program that doesn't also play MP3s! In fact, your program should support multiple formats and 3rd-party codecs. That shouldn't be too hard. Once you learn how to use one existing codec, the others should be similar.

    Come to think of it... Linux users aren't going to pay for any audio program!

    So, if I payed this price for example, would they provide me with code allowing the decoding of an MP3?
    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you get the source code. I think you get the right to use and re-distrubute the Fraunhofer codec, write it yourself, use or use LAME (or derive it from LAME).

    Also, which one should I buy? And if I wanted the Linux distro to play MP3s, should I buy a hardware license?
    No. The hardware license is for MP3 players. Apple has a hardware license so that the iPod is allowed to play MP3s.

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    Well depending on the situation, since I believe this is a DJ'ing program, it if is a game then it could have preset songs... Plus you can always just inform your users that the songs will have to be transcoded to OGG Vorbis and give some suggestions of programs since there are many programs that can do it.

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