Thread: burner app can't find right drive

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    Question burner app can't find right drive

    I'm using 'mkisofs' and 'dv+rw-tools' to burn DVD files and I want it to automatically find the right drive (where my burner hardware is)

    any ideas

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    Linux???? You might get a better answer on the Linux-specific board. Standard ANSI/ISO C++ doesn't know anything about CD burners, so you are in the realm of platform-specific programming.

    With Windows, the operating system enumerates the hardware devices. Windows is aware of each device's capabilities via the driver/firmware. You can obtain a handle to the device an query it.

    You could query each drive to find out if it's a hard drive, floppy drive, CD ROM, CD Burner, etc.

    Windows has functions such as:
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