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    I feel SO stupid right now, I know exactly how to do this, I was making it so much harder than it is, just because it had something to do with classes. I guess I just think things should be complex with classes, thank you all VERY much. Thank you for all the replies, and I am sorry for my stupidity.

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    Tone it down, man. I doubt that you are stupid, seeing that you chose to write a computer program for a family member. It is more likely that the intricacies of OOP are baffling you, as they would anyone who is trying to apply them without a total understanding of their implementation. Get Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language: third edition". I just got it over the holidays, so now when I get in a rut, I feel that there is something I have not learned, rather than that I am stupid.
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    Sad thing is that is unlikely that OOP is even efficient or beneficial in this particular instance. Yet if I keep using the same stuff non-stop how is it that I will learn anything. At least that is my idea of it. I could easily do this with a good loop, but then again it has a tendency to mess-up or set some variables wrong. I am just trying to find a faster, shorter, more secure way of doing this.

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