Thread: Is it supposed to do this?

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    Is it supposed to do this?

    Ok, this is perhaps not to do with the code. I've been experiencing some difficulties and I've now come to find a way around it. But it doesn't seem right.

    Open I have two identical source files. One will run as it should, one just displays a blank screen. As I said, they are absolutely identical (I have spent the last ten minutes trying to spot a difference) appart from the file name. The one that works, I had to take it slowly. I would write little bits of the code, compile & run, write a bit more, c & r, write a bit more, etc. For the second that doesn't work, I just wrote the code in one go, then c & r.

    Does anybody else have to do this? Is it normal, or should I be concerned? It's really beginning to annoy me.

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    Are your scource files in a project?

    Sorry, they probably arn't, because of the fact that you can execute them seperately at the same time.
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    I think you have provided too little information. Like what compiler, IDE etc.

    You could well have some undefined behaviour in your code, such as stepping over array bounds, which doesn't reveal itself in the first program but crashes the second. But that's just a guess without any source code.

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    i have had this before, for instance when i move calling functions about n that every now and again it will just give me a blank screen, then ill remove it, compile, replace and all is well. my computing teacher didnt know what it was either, just a glitch or sommin, it happens though.

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