Thread: dynamic array of pointers?

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    dynamic array of pointers?

    I have a question. Is it possible to create dynamic array of pointers?I need to create array of pointers inside of class and the array will change in size.

    Normaly i would have

    class player
      Unit *army;
    where Unit is another class and then when i create array of size 2 i use

    army = new Unit[2]
    now instead of Unit i would like *Unit how to do it?

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    Of course.

    Foo** MyPtrArray = new Foo*[5];

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    Why not to use vector?
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    hmm thanks i've tried that before but wrongly put * in new part. Now i know
    thanks a lot

    edit:It's my school project and i'm unfortunatly not allowed to use vectors.
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