Thread: struct stat st_blocks and st_blksize

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    struct stat st_blocks and st_blksize

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing some code which should find the 'size' of a file in bytes, and the 'size on disk' of the file - the size considering the wasted space considering clusters.

    This is no problem - using:

    struct stat attrib;
    stat(path.c_str(), &attrib);

    size = attrib.st_size;
    sizeOnDisk = (attrib.st_blocks * attrib.st_blksize);

    I can get the correct values. This will compile fine in g++ etc but trying to get it to compile in Borland compiler, I find that st_blocks and st_blksize are not members of struct stat.

    Is there another method I can use to get these values?

    Thanks in advance

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    What does your borland manual page say about the fields returned by stat() ?
    stat() is not a portable function, and what it returns isn't portable either.

    > Is there another method I can use to get these values?
    Probably, but that depends on which of the many borland compilers there have been over the years you actually have.
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