Thread: c++ wtf...

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    c++ wtf...

    int len [5];
    this prints 20....where does 20 come from

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    An int is 4 bytes, and you've declared an array of 5 ints. So 4*5=20 bytes.
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    so how do i get the length of the array besides sizeof() * 4;

    int arr [ size ];

    when i do memset, i have to do
    memset( arr, 0 , size*4 ) ?

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    memset( arr, 0 , sizeof(arr) )
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    and getting length of array (not number of bytes)? (besides sizeof / 4)

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    sizeof(arr) / sizeof(arr[0])

    Although that doesn't work if you have passed the array to a function or have just a pointer to it. In those cases, you need to keep track of the size yourself.

    In C++, it is generally better to use vector (or std::tr1::array) which remember their own sizes.

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    > memset( arr, 0 , size*4 ) ?
    So what's wrong with doing
    for ( int i = 0 ; i < size ; i++ ) arr[ i ] = 0;

    memset is a very low level function which has no knowledge of types. The for loop approach is both intuitively obvious, and will continue to work on arrays of all types, not just ints.
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