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    Nope, don't need anyone to do my homework.... well outta school thank God.. but rather I need some homework. Specifically a good problem regarding Multi-Threading and one requiring Networking. Not sure exactly what to search for on Google and was hoping someone here had a good problem they have done in the past that I could work on to learn these two concepts... They don't have to be one single problem involving both Multi-Threading and Networking.. two separate ones would do. Hope this is appropriate to ask this kind of question here. If it isn't just delete it or close it.

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    That's tough... I'm not sure if this would encompass multithreading, but perhaps make some sort of IRC client that can connect to and run on multiple servers at once.
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    hmmm.. not bad... could use individual threads for each connection.. have had some experience with multi-threading in java, but no networking what so ever... would connecting to an IRC server be very hard to do? doesn't sound too difficult and would seem to be something I can work on only having 1 computer.. would connecting to a remote server be something easy to debug / test?

    Edit: Oh yeah.. think the IRC problem would have critical data sections? I wanted to make sure I would learn about Mutexs, etc.. What do they call that.. a consumer/producer problem or something? Man I wish I could remember some of my Java multi-threading homework :P Something about an elevator.. or 5 people at a table sharing a bowl or rice?!? anyone done something like that? And also, I don't suppose there is a way to practice networking programming while just using one computer is there besides an IRC type program where I would be connecting to a remote server?
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    I don't suppose there is a way to practice networking programming while just using one computer is there
    No, you can have one program connect with another through a specific port on the same computer. Launch telnet twice, for example. Typing in one makes the characters also appear in the other. telnet uses sockets.

    I don't know what you're using for multithreading and socket programming, but pthread and the standard UNIX socket library is my guess.



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    A multithreaded HTTP server. The basics of the HTTP protocol are pretty easy, so that's a nice server-side networking exercise, and by making it multithreaded you have the threading part. Not sure how much thread synchronization there will be, though.
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