Thread: building stand-alone there an easy way?

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    building stand-alone there an easy way?


    I was just wondering, is there a way to create programs from C++ code that don't rely on .dll files or any other files? Something that you just have to run an executable?

    The reason that I need to do this is because I have written a C++ program using the compiler DEV-C++ on windows XP for an embedded microprocessor running on windows CE (a cut down version of windows 2000). When I go to run the program on windows CE, it shows an error saying its missing associated files. I think it may not be reading the .dll's.

    thanks for your help in advance

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    Well, you could always compile your program with a compiler so old that DLLs hadn't been invented yet.

    The best idea is to re-compile your program somehow, perhaps with a special Windows CE compiler.

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    Also, your program might demand DLLs from some libraries. What is this program?
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