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    Keyboard Input

    I want to ask something about the keyboard input in Borland C++ v3.0. I wanted to ask how u get the input for arrowkeys..
    i-e what is their ascii values..?

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    the arrow keys return a scan code that is hardware dependant, also they are extended bit encoded - the first digit they return is a zero and then they return the scan code. To find out what code they return on your system write a key detector that gets the key loops back after a zero and prints the integer value.

    int check_key(); //begin checking function
    int keypress; //holds the scan code of the keypress
    keypress=getch();//get the keypress
    if (keypress==0){check_key();}//check for extended key
    cout<<keypress//print the scan code
    int wait = getch();//wait for a keypress
    }//end function

    call this from main,
    hope this helps
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    int a;
    cout << a;

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    do I have to include a special library class function header thingy? I try it in dev-c++4, and i get implicit declaration of getch()
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    I believe getch() is in conio.h.

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    #include <mingw_conio.h> if conio.h doesn't work

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