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    At best it returns void. Not 0.
    robatino's statement was with respect to the global main() function, which returns an int, and which specifically returns 0 if control does not reach a return statement within it.
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    Ah. I'm too distracted it seems. Need a rest.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
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    There have been buggy compilers from time to time that were so broken that they required a return at the end of each function, even those that didn't return anything.

    But nowadays, I would personally consider it a very strange habit if a programmer put an explicit return at the end of each function. Waste of a line and 7 characters, and it's so easy to accidentally put it in the wrong place, at least when later rearranging a function.
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    @vart: But again, you can use if(a != b) and put your code in the if() block without using an empty return.

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    That's true, Des, but that can get very messy if there are a large number of conditions where you want to short-circuit out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XSquared
    That's true, Des, but that can get very messy if there are a large number of conditions where you want to short-circuit out.
    Also, if there are a large number of lines after the condition, they all have to be indented an extra level, which takes up more space than a single extra return, and I think makes the code harder to understand.

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