Thread: Need help with HybridList class errors......

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    That makes sense to me.

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    I made the changes and some errors occured so I changed the things in bold. It executes without errors but my output is still displaying only the first element as before with blank lines for the other elements.

    I am going crazy with this program. Please help me, if you can. Thanks.

    void HybridList::Insert( /* in */ me item )
    // Precondition:
    //     component members of list nodes are in ascending order
    //  && item is assigned
    // Postcondition:
    //     New node containing item is in its proper place
    //       in linked list
    //  && component members of list nodes are in ascending order
        mePtr currPtr;       // Moving pointer
        mePtr prevPtr;       // Pointer to node before *currPtr
        mePtr newMePtr;      // Pointer to new node
        // Set up node to be inserted
        newMePtr = new me;
        newMePtr->lName = item.lName;
        // Find previous insertion point
        prevPtr = NULL;
        currPtr = head;
    	while (currPtr != NULL && item.lName > currPtr->lName)  // Error with this line
            prevPtr = currPtr;
            currPtr = currPtr->link;
        // Insert new node
        newMePtr->link = currPtr;
        if (prevPtr == NULL)
            head = newMePtr;
            prevPtr->link = newMePtr;

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    What I see
    newMePtr->lName = item.lName;
    you initialize only lName in your stored data

    If you want to store all strings you should copy all strings...
    maybe something like
    *newMePtr = item;
    will work

    also - to avoid unnecesary copying, I think you should pass me as const reference
    void HybridList::Insert( /* in */ const me& item )
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    It works vart. Thank you.

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    Last question, I am currently outputting the list to the screen but I need it to print to a file called 'contact.dat'. How can I go about that in the Hybrid class print function?


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    Look at a tutorial on file I/O. It's not a difficult thing.
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    I figured it out. I was forgetting to use include <fstream>. Thanks for all of the help and I really appreciate the help.

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                 #include <fstream>
                 fstream binary_file("'contact.dat'.",ios::binary|ios::out);
                 binary_file.write(reinterpret_cast<char *>(currPtr),sizeof(me));
    Check out this link to know more.

    EDIT: It seems like I didn't post it in time. Sorry can't help much.
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