Thread: cin.get(); problem

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    goto sucks instead of "GOTO" use functions....such as main();
    to exit you can use system("cls"); or exit(0); with a stdlib.h header file in the includes...

    both syntax works on Dev-C++ 4.9.9 or Visual 2005

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    use functions....such as main();
    don't give wrong advices.
    1. main is special function that should not be called directly from the code
    2. using recursion to emulate loops - bad idea - stack size is not infinite
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    and int main() not void main().

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    Quote Originally Posted by h_howee
    >>It would be a good thing *not* to use goto in such simple cases.

    Its never a good thing to use gotos
    WhAtHA hell Is GoInG ON

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    There are only a handful of reasons to use goto. None of them I appreciate much except the one about text parsers.

    Search the forums for this keyword. There's heaps of posts about it.
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