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    fill optimizations

    I have the following recursive implementation of the fill algorithm:

    void fill(int x, int y)
    	if ( mat[x][y] == 0 )
    	        mat[x][y] = 1;
    		fill(x+1, y);
    		fill(x-1, y);
    		fill(x, y+1);
    		fill(x, y-1);
    I'm wondering, is this efficient? I read that the recursion doesn't slow things down in this case as much as it does in other algorithms, is this true?

    Would an interative approach give a significant increase in speed? Is it worth implementing it iteratively, and if so, how would I approach that?

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    you don't check bounds
    you use global variable (are you sure you need it?)
    recursion does not slow things down only if it is optimized by compiler...
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    > I'm wondering, is this efficient?
    No. It uses stupid amounts of stack space for even simple shapes.

    Do a web search for "scanline fill algorithm".
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