Thread: problem on dynamic array

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    problem on dynamic array

    This is the code I saw in mock paper.
    struct Ant
         int age, strength;
    int n;
    cin >> n;
    Ant *AntArmy;
    AntArmy = new Ant[n];//can't get why the structure name can be the array name
    What is the difference between class & struct?
    Why is the structure name used as the array name?
    What 's going on with AntArmy = new Ant[n];?
    Thanks in advance!

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    The difference between class and struct is that everything in a class is private by default, but everything in a struct is public by default. Other than that a C++ class and a C++ struct are identical.

    The structure name is not used as an array name. The line "AntArmy = new Ant[n];" is an instruction to dynamically allocate and construct and array of n Ant's, and then give AntArmy a value which is the address of the first element in that dynamically allocated array.

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    To add to what grumpy said, pay attention to these two lines

    Ant *AntArmy;
    AntArmy = new Ant[n];
    AntArmy is first declared to be a pointer to the Ant type.
    Then AntArmy is assigned the the first element of a dynamically allocated array of Ant types.

    The expression new Ant[n] allocates an array of Ant types and returns a pointer to the first element

    AntArmy is assigned that pointer.

    That would have been the same as simply writing:

    Ant* AntArmy = new Ant[n];
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    Thank you for your clear explanation, I got it.

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