Thread: Question about chained sequence

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    Question about chained sequence

    Hi guys, how are you hope you are ok. First of all I'd like to thank you for the fantastic forum. I have a problem with c++. 10 days ago, I tried to solve a program and i didnít reach to any thing. Also I asked a lot of people and forums but no body could solve it.
    Please I'm very depressed, I wish you to help me.
    Thank you

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    I think the best way to solve your problem is to use strings

    string s1;
    for(int i= 0; i<sze; i++)
    //here you compare the strings using functions already defined in the string class
    look it up vectors and strings

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    > Also I asked a lot of people and forums but no body could solve it
    Do not confuse "not able to solve it" with "perfectly capable of solving it, just not willing to give you the answer on a plate without you showing some effort".

    Which bit are you having problems with?
    - reading in a series of numbers?
    - extracting the digits from a number?
    - comparing the digits between two numbers?

    Surely you can manage some of that successfully, and at least have some kind of attempt at another part of it.

    You post what you've achieved, and we'll then help you along through the next step.
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