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    I need help here!

    Hi. I want to create an big big thing. Its about my destiny. i cant say why. but listen.

    I want to create an file that must be answered to go to next file and so on. When they have answered an number of those question files. around 20 ones. ANd followed different websites and so on. They will finaly start an file that plays an movie. An mp4 file or any other movie format.

    What is the C++ codes needed to peform this big task. can somone help me. its very important for me to set all this up.

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    C++ is rather complicated language. If you have no idea what "codes" you need, may-be you should try something smaller first. If it is your destiny, you'll have plenty of time, and you'll get there one way or another

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    Start with the tutorials. They will teach you how to write a program that can ask questions, get an answer, and do different things based on a correct/incorrect answer. The tutorials also show you how to open/read/write files on your disk.

    The tutorial is a little "light", so you will probably need a book. A beginning C++ book will cover essentially the same material but with much more detail & explanation (~300-700 pages).

    As for opening Web pages and playing videos, these are advanced topics*. You may need a book on each topic.

    If you want a GUI/Windows interface, that's a 3rd advanced topic.

    If you are programming for Windows, MSDN is a good resource for information and sample code for the "advanced topics". But, MSDN is a huge site and it can take forever to find what you are looking for. You'll also need to be comfortable with C/C++ basics (functions, pointers, structures, typedefs. etc.) before you can understand anything at MSDN.

    * FYI - There are no graphics, color, sound, mouse, or networking in ANSI/ISO Standard C++. These are all additional system-specific features. (Of course, any Windows compiler includes the extra libraries to handle these features.)
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