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    rewrite to file

    i want that my prog will rewrite (update) to exsist file if it was found a string im searching for inside this file, so i did this:
    fptr=fopen("data.txt","r+"); // i also tried "a+"
    fscanf(fptr,"%s\n",tmp_name); //tmp_name is a vector.
    if (strcmp(myname,tmp_name)==0)
    fprintf("%d %d %f %d",won,lost,avg,best);
    my file is a txt file and looks like this:

    1 2 3.3 5
    1 2 3.3 5

    and i want to chk if name1==myname then change the 1 2 3.3 5 to 7 8 9.9 5
    did what i was doing is illigel ? coz i cant get it to work...(the fprintf is doing nothing..), or maybe some1 know other way to do this ?
    thanks !

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