Thread: Programming question.

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    Programming question.

    I'm still new to this so i'm still trying to grasp the full scope of c++ programming,

    but with c++ being a supset of c does this mean that any C++ programmer utilises both c and C++ functions?

    i have been working with c++ only but it seems that alot of the things i need like working with strings and
    file I/O are in c.

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    Yes and no.

    C++ provides its own library functions which are superior to C in the areas you mentioned (e.g. fstream should be preferred over FILE, std::string should be preferred over char * strings, etc.)

    On the other hand, there are times when C functions may be useful.
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    C++ is designed ti have a backwards compatability with C. It has made important changes, eliminating some of the practices C teaches you that are in C++ considered poor.
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    Not everything in the C runtime library has a replacement in C++'s own library, which is part of the reason why C++ includes the whole C runtime. rand(), for example, didn't have an equivalent until very recently.
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