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    Array in a Map

    I was just curious if there was a way to pass an array as a value into a map without using a pointer. I am trying to do something like:

    map <string,array> nameMap;
    Here the key would be a string and the value would be an array. I was curious if I could do this without using pointers. When I compile this I get an error

    17  `array' was not declared in this scope 
    17  template argument 2 is invalid 
    17  template argument 4 is invalid 
    17  ISO C++ forbids declaration of `nameMap' with no type
    Line 17 here being the line I posted above.

    This is just for my curiosity, let me know if anyone has any solutions.

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    No, as a map is a replacement for an array. However, you can create the map and then use a for loop to iterate through and put the array's elements in the map.
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    You could use a std::vector:
    std::map<std::string, std::vector<T> >
    Where T is the type you want to store in the vector.
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