Thread: HTTP & Telnet Data Interpreter Component/Control in VC++?

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    Question HTTP & Telnet Data Interpreter Component/Control in VC++?

    Hi, currently I'm doing a program that needs to load data packets under HTTP and telnet protocol intercepted and stored in a database, then display the data interpreted. I wonder if there are some existing control/component or something that can do the HTTP/telnet protocol interpretation in VC++? Thanks a lot!

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    Are you talking about socket programming? Try googling for "winsock".

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    Nope, I've already programmed a TCP sniffer listening at port 23 traffic and intercept all data packets (which are under TELNET protocol), then stored them into database. Now I need to display a simulation of the TELNET communication based on the data stored. Anyone can help? thanks.

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    Ethereal can extract a lot of info from the captured packets... Have you checked its SDK whether it provides the data you need?
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