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    Exclamation Please Help With Os

    What program shoul i use to create an OS.(opeartion system)

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    If you have to ask that then there's no way you can write an operating system.

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    This is a simple question and writing an operating system is probably one of the most complex programming tasks ever. Whichever language you decide to program it in - you need to be extremely fluent in. Which language do you want to use and how much experience have you had with it.
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    /* laughing hysterically */

    >What program shoul i use to create an OS.(opeartion system)

    a compiler and linker. most likely assembler and C.


    you could use what millions of others have, an existing OS.
    (that is, operating system)

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    No offense, but to create an operating system you need to be a very advanced programmer to create an OS. In addition, you need to have a tremendous amount of time on your hands. Although they may be laughing at you, do not take this to heart. At least you showed the initiative to take on a project that you knew would be difficult. Continue to learn and maybe someday you will be able to write your own OS.

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    also, maybe you should investigate how an OS really works before trying to design and implement one (i.e. OS design concepts). There are a lot of books that cover this, check out books by Andrew S. Tanenbaum.

    The point I'm trying to make here is yes, you need to be an advanced programmer to be able to do this (understanding programming at the low and high levels, understanding computer architecture etc..); but you will also need to know design concepts of an OS and various algorithms that implement those concepts (i.e. concepts like the abstraction of a running program -> a process; ways of managing memory; what is deadlock and how to avoid; designing a file system for your OS; kind of I/O your OS will support; etc..).

    I've never designed and impemented my own OS from scratch but I did have to deal with a simulated OS (running as a single UNIX process) once. This wasn't even a REAL OS, yet building upon the thing was really brain-twisting (giving the OS the ability to run multiple processes at the same time; giving each process the ability to be able to run mutliple threads at the same time; managing all these processes and threads in such a way as to yield acceptable system response; implementing virtual memory <- now that was pain in the ..........; implementing a file system, etc..). The point I'm trying to get at is even working with a software-simulated OS was tremendously difficult; so before delving into building an OS, first start out by a more conceptual/theoretical approach to OSes (in which you can just read a book about an OS rather than trying to start designing one yourself), later on you can attempt to take a practical approach and actually create one (which to let you face reality, probably will not be much of an OS; in fact you should really be proud of yourself if you even get a simple command-line interface up and running with some basic system calls available like opening/creating files; executing a process <-- which would involve a ton of things like how would you load an executable file from physical disk to memory -- and would you even have an available compiler for your OS to create an executable file that is runnable for your OS in the first place?) I'm not an expert by far means but i'm aware that an OS is a very sophisticated piece of software; so start out slow (learn the basics concepts first).

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