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    Unhappy !!!!!Very intresting!!!!!

    Im programming in Borland C++ Builder 5 Enterprise. Im programming something like an operating system. I used ListView to show my icons on the desktop. But how am i supposed to open a window when i double click an icon. And another thing. Even when i choose large icons, the icons are small. Is there anyway to change them to standard size.

    2.I would like to make a browse window like when you open my computer in windows. It should show the contents of the hdd. is there anyway to go thru listview to show the contents.

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    I am really intrigued by this.....

    How are you writing something similar to an operating system using a windows compiler?
    You realise your code will need windows to work?
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I'm hoping you really mean something more like a shell.

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    You cannot write an OS the way you are trying.
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    To me it seems that you're not creating an OS, but a shell.

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