Thread: using structures to assign unique values to words?

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    using structures to assign unique values to words?

    Ok, I need to assign unique values to words. Like say for instance the word "business" has a value of $%%^&*(*
    Is it possible to do by using structure variables?

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    I would also need it when users input a word for the program to search the program for these unique words.

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    Sure. Use a struct that holds two strings, the word and its value. It would probably be better to put these in a map instead of a specific struct, with the word as the map key and the value as the value. This would also make lookup easy.

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    Look into Maps, they do exactly that

    just declare
    #include <map>
    std::map<string, string> amap;   //initializes a map from key string to value of string.
    amap["business"]= "$%%^&*(*"
    it's basically a custom array, where the index, rather being of int or size_t, it is whatever is in the first type parameter of the declaration. The second would just be what the custom array holds.

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