Thread: something wrong with this?

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    something wrong with this?

    hi, I have a problem with my program. what the program does is prints a number backwards. however, the function fails for certain numbers. why is this?

    I am currently using MSVC++ 6.0

    #ifndef _INC_IOSTREAM
    #include <iostream.h>
    long int newvalue = 0; //variable to store the number backwards
    void PrintNumberBackwars(long int x) //recursive function
    long int temp = x / 10;
    temp = x - temp * 10;
    newvalue = newvalue * 10 + temp;
    cout << temp;
    x /= 10;
    if ( x != 0 ) PrintNumberBackwards(x);
    else cout << endl;
    int main(void) // main driver function
    long int x;
    cin >> x;
    if ( ) return 0;
    cout << newvalue;
    return 0;

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    also, which variables (if any) can I change to type reference (&) ?

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    >the function fails for certain numbers.

    What numbers does it fail for?

    >which variables (if any) can I change to type reference (&) ?

    You could put newvalue in main() and pass it by reference into PrintNumberBackwards(), recursively passing by reference each time.

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    ok, so is it better to leave the global variable alone or is it better to make it a local and pass it by reference? which one saves more memory?

    also, numbers such as 202020202020 and other big numbers don't work. why don't they? I tested the program manually by paper and everything works well. the output from my example turns out to be something like 7463847412 on output and the variable has a value of -1126087180. is it the program or is there something wrong with my algorithm?

    thanks in advance.

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    try using a long double for all your long ints. That will make more space for your numbers. If the algorithom works right, it should clear up the problem.

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    Do you have to use ints, doubles, ect? It would be a lot easier if u could just have the input be a character array. From there, you could have the function reverse the numbers in a different array by finding how long the array is.

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