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    Exclamation in need of some ideas and help....HELP!!!!

    ok im new to this. but im taking an intro to C++ class . I normally can do this stuff with ease but this one is giving me a hard time. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!! this is the program i am triyng to do


    For the recent (hypothetical) Junior Winter Olympics in Park City, Utah, given the practice times made by each skier during practice runs in a single day, determine the average of the
    BEST TIMES (referred to as ABT from this time on) of all of the skiers and rate each skier depending on how his/her best time compares with that average as follows:
    SATISFACTORY skier: Best time is within 1 second of the ABT
    That is, |BT-ABT| < 1.00
    UNSATISFACTORY skier: Best time is 1 second or larger than the ABT
    That is, (BT-1) >= ABT
    OUTSTANDING skier: Best time is 1 second or less than the ABT
    That is, (BT+1) <= ABT
    KLUTZY skier: Did not complete any practice runs.
    That is, BT is –99.

    Keyboard Input:

    1. The user will enter the skier number and their practice times for their 3 runs down the slope on a given day. Skiers do not have to be entered in order and you do not have to enter data for all skiers (they may have been decided they don’t need to practice). A -1 for the skier number will end keyboard input.
    2. A value of -99 will indicate that the skier fell on the run. A skier who fell on every one of
    his/ runs will earn the title KLUTZY. This sentinel (-99) is not to be used to compute
    any averages. It only serves as a “flag” to indicate that a run was not completed.
    3. There will be a maximum of 10 different skiers participating.
    4. The keyboard input data should be stored in 3 parallel arrays, one array for each of the runs. These arrays should be initialized to 0 so that if there is no data for a skier, you will have zeros for their run times. Skier number 1’s data will be in subscript 0 of each of the three arrays; skier number 2’s data will be in subscript 1 of each of the three arrays; skier number 3’s data will be in subscript 2 of each of the three arrays, etc.

    Output Specs: In general, model your output after the sample output below.
    Screen Output:
    1. Print a brief welcome message giving the name of the program (Junior Olympics Practice
    Run Data Logger) and a few words (be brief!) of welcome.
    2. Prompt the user for the skier number and then the skier’s times for the 3 runs.
    File Output:
    1. The screen output will be a report, listing headings as shown in the sample output data below,
    Skier number, best time on a run, and category (OUTSTANDING,
    SATISFACTORY, UNSATISFACTORY, or KLUTZY). This data must be in neat, labeled
    2. Any skier who completed no runs should have “None Completed” in place of the best time.
    3. After this listing, label and print the average best time, to the nearest hundredth of a

    Sample Keyboard Input:

    2 42.68 45.67 49.65
    7 -99 -99 -99
    5 35.02 51.90 33.86
    1 48.13 -99 40.00

    Sample Screen Output:
    The 2002 Junior Olympics Park City, Utah
    Practice Racing Results
    Racer # Best Time Rating
    3 None completed
    4 None completed
    5 33.86 OUTSTANDING
    6 None completed
    7. None completed KLUTZY
    8 None completed

    any ideas or suggestions on how to tackle this

    I know im setting up parallel arrays and diving it into 3 sepearte functions. I just dont know how to get the details stuff to work.
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    Take some time to digest it. Then try to make some coding attempt as best as you can. Then post the code here if you still have some questions or errors.

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