Thread: Declaration inside for statement - scope according to the standard

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    That's interesting. It also means that this is legal:
    while (int i = 1) {
        int i = 0;
    Though personally I always thought it was not, and hence read the standard for the for loop with this assumption.
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    It also means that this is legal:
    this is not clear... The condition in the () is checked on every iteration...
    does it mean that the int i is executed on every iteration? then the scope of the variable will be the same as the second i...
    if not - it will be something very tricky...
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    More or less. This will help.

    Again according to the standard:
    Quote Originally Posted by

    while (T t = x) statement

    is equivalent to

        { // start of condition scope
            T t = x; <-- notice the object creation location. 
            if (t) { <-- new scope here
                goto label; <-- condition object destruction
        } // end of condition scope
    The object created in a condition is destroyed and created with each iteration of the loop.
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