Thread: Problem with compiler

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    Problem with compiler

    I can't seem to work the function delay(); with devc++ it's just i do delay(500); but it says i need to define int delay() and it still doesn't work can you write out a program that might work?

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    I use Dev-C++ and I have never heard of the function delay. I searched the include files and I didn't find it either, so Dev-C++ must not come with the delay function. Since it can't find it in a header file, it tells you that you need to define it. For something similar to delay use Sleep() defined in winbase.h, but you can just include windows.h for convenience.

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    i cant seem to get #include <iostream.h> to work on dev-c++

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    I have dev c++, iostream.h works just fine.

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    to knight:
    Dev-C++ is a windows compiler, and delay() is normally defined in a dos compiler in dos.h. Though Dev-C++ has dos.h, it's a windows version of it.

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