Thread: convert std string to bstr without ATL

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    convert std string to bstr without ATL

    I am trying to convert a std string to a BSTR. I am using Dev C++ with mingw on windows. As far as I am aware I cannot use the ATL libraries with Dev C++ so i cannot use A2BSTR etc. Here is my code:

    string  path = getImagePath(); //eg C:/T2
         int location = 0;
         while(path.find("/",0) != string::npos) //converts image path to C:\\T2
             location = path.find("/",0);
    OpenSlide(path.c_str()); //a function in a wrapper dll which takes a LPCSTR of format C:\\T2
    The header for open slide function in the wrapper dll is:
    // Open Slide
    EXTERN_C __declspec(dllexport) BOOL WINAPI OpenSlide(LPCSTR SlideName);
    This wrapper DLL calls a function from another DLL that has a header:

    virtual /* [helpstring][id] */ HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE OpenSlide( 
                /* [in] */ BSTR SlideName) = 0;
    This all compiles but crashes when OpenSlide() is called. If I hard code the correct path and pass it in it seems to work however ie path = "C:\\T2";

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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