Thread: Problem of read file in C++

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    Problem of read file in C++

    I have .raw files which is generated by Photoshop.

    And I now want to read the values in .raw files to my C++ program and then
    do some calculation on it.

    Then I would like to ask two things. What is the data structure of a .raw file?
    (RGB? A 2D array or whatever?)
    And can anybody please give me some brief idea on how to read the file content?

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    Like what?

    How to read binary files - fopen("file.raw", "rb" );

    How to interpret all the bytes?
    Maybe here -

    Maybe type "photoshop raw file format" into a search engine.

    Maybe create something simple, like a 16x16 image containing 3 primary colour squares, say 8x8 (a bit like the MS logo) and save that in RAW format.
    Then look at that file using a hex editor.
    Make very small changes and match that to changes in the file.
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    I used the following code to read a raw file:

    const int size = 1080*1080;
    int r;
    unsigned char*  A;
    A = (unsigned char*)malloc(size*sizeof(char));"test.raw",ios::binary);	// read data file of four integers
    for(r=0; r<size; r++)	// into array
    fin >> A[r];
    ofstream fout;"result.raw",ios::binary);
    // write data file
    for(r=0; r<size; r++){	
    	fout << A[r];
    So, this is just a roundtrip that import the raw file into the array A, and then export data into the file result.raw. However, the image output is incomplete. What's the problem with my coding?
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    You're using formatted I/O (the >> operator) for binary data. That's the most obvious problem. With binary data, use read() and write().
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