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    Spaces in files

    Ok i've got my file working for input, but I can't get it to except spaces,

    ofstream outfile("*file name*", ios::out);
    	outfile << song[arraynumber].artist;
    	outfile << song[arraynumber].title;
    	outfile << song[arraynumber].mediafile;
    	outfile << song[arraynumber].genre;
    	outfile << song[arraynumber].duration;
    outfile.close( );
    This works fine but when i open up my text document it would have something like,

    AC\DCback in blackmp3rock345
    Is there something I can add so that each one starts on a new line so they can be read from the file seperately, like they were stored?

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    You can output a space to add a space between items, or a newline to add a new line. The space character is just a space between single quotes: ' ', and the newline character is '\n'.

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    Thanks got it working now. Didn't realise that would work for a file.
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