Thread: HELP!! NEw to Arrays/Functions.. LOST

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    HELP!! NEw to Arrays/Functions.. LOST

    Hey guys,
    I've been working on this assignment and i'm to the last part of it. The program was to make a function to check the file by a user-defined file name and open it. And once open, i am supposed to read from the integer from the first file and use that integer in the second file by showing how many rows to do for each string. Then in the second file I am supposed to multiply the int * the double and correspond the total by each name.

    I figured out how to do the ReadFirstFile function, but the ReadSecondFile function (which i know is totally wrong in my code) i am totally lost on how to make an Array using a FOR loop within a FOOR loop to do the second part.. can anyone help me out?? Any help would be appreciated!!

    The description is:
    Next, using the data in the integer array, read the appropriate number of data items from the second input
    file. Remember, there are three (3) pieces of data for each data item (line). While reading the "gadget"
    data, keep a total dollar amount of inventory for that person. Again, you must use the integer stored in the
    integer array to determine how many "gadget" items to read from the second input file.
    As you finish reading "gadget" items for one person, print a line of output that consists of the person's name
    and the total dollar amount for all of their inventory (gadget) items. For example, since Mickey Mouse has
    the integer 4 included in its data line, you must read 4 "gadget" items from the second file. This means
    Mickey Mouse has 45 hammers, 20 screwdrivers, 28 box cutters, and 14 wrenches in his inventory. Using
    the unit prices of $2.79 (hammer), $2.59 (screwdriver), $1.99 (box cutter), and $2.34 (wrench), Mickey
    Mouse will have a total dollar amount of inventory of $265.83. NOTE: We don't use the gadget name,
    although you must read it from the file to get to the gadget count and unit price.

    My first input file is:
    4 Mickey Mouse
    2 Donald Duck
    7 Wile E. Coyote
    5 Roadrunner
    1 Foghorn Leghorn

    My second input file is:
    hammer 45 2.79
    screwdriver 20 2.59
    boxCutter 28 1.99
    wrench 14 2.34
    milk 27 2.09
    butter 12 3.89
    tablet 165 0.59
    pen 89 1.19
    pencil 145 0.79
    tape 67 1.25
    staples 94 1.79
    erasers 82 0.67
    markers 23 2.99
    printer 5 78.99
    mouse 35 9.99
    monitor 5 298.95
    flashDrive 30 44.99
    CD-ROM 84 0.99
    blankets 18 34.98

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    void OpenCheck(ifstream&, string);
    int ReadFirstFile(ifstream&,int[],string[]);
    int ReadSecondFile(ifstream&,string[],int[],double[]);
    int main()
        ifstream inFile1, inFile2;
        int num, count, count2;
        int intArray[50];
        string strArray[50];
        double dArray[50];
        string name, file1, file2;
        cout << "Enter a name for first input file:";
        cin >> file1;
        cout << "\nEnter a name for the second input file:";
        cin >> file2;
        OpenCheck(inFile1, file1);
        OpenCheck(inFile2, file2);
        count = ReadFirstFile(inFile1,intArray,strArray);
        count2 = ReadSecondFile(inFile2,strArray,intArray,dArray);
        return 0;
    //functioin definition for OpenCheck
    void OpenCheck(ifstream& inFile1,string file)
             cout << "Error Opening "
             << file
             << ". Program Terminated. \n";
    //function definition for ReadFirstFile
    int ReadFirstFile(ifstream& inFile1,int intArray[],string strArray[])
        int count, num;
        string name;
        // priming read
        inFile1 >> num;
        for (count = 0; count < 50; count++)
            // store data in the integer and string arrays
            intArray[count] = num; 
            strArray[count] = name;
            // repeat priming read
            inFile1 >> num;
            //cout << strArray[count] << " ";
        return count;
    int ReadSecondFile(ifstream& inFile2,string strArray[], int intArray[], double dArray[])
        int count2, num2;
        string gadgets;
        double price;
        // priming read
        inFile2 >> num2;
        for (count2 = 0; count2 < 50; count2++)
            // store data in the integer and string arrays
            intArray[count2] = num2; 
            strArray[count2] = gadgets;
            dArray[count2] = price;
            // repeat priming read
            inFile2 >> num2;
            cout << count2;
            cout << strArray[count2] << " ";
        return count2;

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    Your forward declarations are wrong:
    void OpenCheck(ifstream& inFile1, string file);
    int ReadFirstFile(ifstream& inFile1,int intArray[],string strArray[]);
    int ReadSecondFile(ifstream& inFile2,string strArray[], int intArray[], double dArray[]);
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    I see no problem with function declaration

    dArray[count2] = price;

    price is used without initialization...
    also you read from the second file not in the order the data are stored in the line
    the string-name goes first
    then count (int)
    then price (double)
    you should extract the data from the string in the same order
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    exit() is in <cstdlib>.

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    >> Your forward declarations are wrong
    No, they are fine. You don't need to provide variable names in function prototypes.

    >> i am totally lost on how to make an Array using a FOR loop within a FOOR loop to do the second part..
    Start with a simple example. Can you make nested for loops that add each of the numbers 0-9 to the numbers 10-19? What about nested for loops that get the sum of each positive number less than each number from 0-9?

    If you have those ideas down, you can translate them to using the values you get from the intarray as part of your nested loop structure.

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