Thread: flushall() in DEVC++

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    flushall() in DEVC++

    I have just been using DEV C++ for 1 week. But with this program, I can't use flushall() function, so, is there function in DEV which replace it?

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    flushall wasn't a standard function, so you should have ditched it years ago.

    But... The fflush function


    1 #include <stdio.h>
    int fflush(FILE *stream);


    2 If stream points to an output stream or an update stream in which the most recent operation was not input, the fflush function causes any unwritten data for that stream to be delivered to the host environment to be written to the file; otherwise, the behavior is undefined.

    3 If stream is a null pointer, the fflush function performs this flushing action on all streams for which the behavior is defined above.
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