Thread: searching a ifstream for a string

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    searching a ifstream for a string

    i have this code...but i'm not sure why it isn't working, when i pick a string to search for i alway sget a really high number like 15 - 30 even though there probobly isn't more than 1 or 2 cases where string exists in the file.

    void searchstring(ifstream& in, string search)
      string word; 
      int count=0;
      while (!in.eof())
          in >> word;
          if (word.find(search))
      cout << "# of Search String  "<<search<<"  : " << count << endl;
    the file i'm searching has the word "Jill" in it twice and when i search for it i get back 29...
    any ideas?

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    You probably want to use string::npos != word.find(search), because look how works.
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    oh, that worked, thanks!

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    If "Jillian" is supposed to match "Jill" (and "JJill is supposed match "Jill") then using find is fine (with Rashakil Fol's suggested change). Otherwise you should just compare with == instead of find so that "Jill" only matches "Jill".

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